We are PillowPH, and we make prescription benefits management easier than it’s ever been. We deliver relief across the healthcare system and demystify a complex process to put people in control. When it comes to your pharmahealth (“PH”) needs, PillowPH helps you sleep better at night.
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Simply put, we make pharmahealth simpler than it’s ever been. PillowPH provides a full-service PBM experience for Employer and Union plan sponsors and their members. We break through the industry clutter and skepticism to stretch the pharmacy dollar further by managing clinical appropriateness of the medication and preferring the lowest cost drug and channel.
Our Services

With our commitment to ease, PillowPH provides a comprehensive PBM offering designed first and foremost to ensure patient health and safety, while supporting clients and customers in controlling costs and comfortably managing benefits. We are guided by a commitment to simplicity, real-time mobile technology and a straightforward, high-touch, user-friendly approach to pharmahealth.
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PillowPH addresses the perceived lack of value and meaningful choice felt by many when it comes to PBM offerings. We offer comfort, flexibility and greater value to members, clients, brokers, consultants and providers alike.
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With your comfort always in mind,
PillowPH uniquely serves:


With their health and safety underlying all we do, PillowPH gives members and their families the support and tools needed to navigate the pharmacy system with ease. Simple, straightforward communications. Member preferences collected and respected every step along the way. State-of-the-art self-service tools. And a customer service function fully dedicated to the unique needs of each individual member.


We’ve analyzed and understand the many frustrations Plan Sponsors experience due to the unnecessary complexity and confusion of pharmacy benefits as they’ve existed for some time. PillowPH provides a refreshingly straightforward offering, free of any financial conflict. Smart technology that puts needed tools simply into the hands of our clients, for easier benefit management and evaluation. And a client service model created by industry leaders and centered around relief.


PillowPH brings relief to a broker community desiring to provide downstream clients with a high-quality, clarified and customized offering that meets their needs and a pharmahealth partner with whom they can be comfortable. We enable brokers, consultants and TPAs to more comfortably and successfully market and sell a plan benefit to their customers.


We understand that there are frequently obstacles in the system that impede a provider’s ability to provide the best care to its patients and customers. PillowPH makes certain that providers have vital, real-time access to all the information they need, and that all such information is delivered clearly and simply.