Our Story

“The system does not work.” That was the conclusion to which Steve Drucker, a PillowPH co-founder, kept coming back to, and one that kept him up at night.

PBMs and their payors’ overall interests were always in misalignment. PBMs are paid to lower drug costs and incentivized to deny drug coverage, Steve reasoned, leading to lower adherence and higher overall costs to the payor and the system. Higher deductible plans are making the problem worse. And furthermore, PBMs don’t show their client everything. They “hide the ball” and keep the extra money, resulting in higher overall costs.

Steve wasn’t compelled to fix a broken system simply because of his professional experience within and across the PBM space. Steve and his family had also experienced many of these pain-points up close personally, having had to confront a chronic condition requiring various drug therapies and along with them the significant frustrations in all aspects of obtaining and utilizing drugs.

If someone of Steve’s experience and sophistication within the world of pharmahealth could be disappointed by its complexities and inefficiencies, what about those NOT working within the system? For them the challenges must have felt insurmountable at times, leading to bad financial outcomes or worse, a significant impact on quality of life.

With his mission to improve and simplify the patient, caregiver and payor experience, Steve co-founded PillowPH, which in its simplicity and straightforwardness would allow those wrestling with the complexities of pharmahealth a better night’s sleep.